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Howard Park Touring Canada with AFFW


Howard Park owners Jeff and Amy Burch are extremely excited to be heading to Canada this month as part of the AFFW 'Tour de Force'. From the 22nd to 30th May, they will be representing Howard Park at a range of trade and consumer events throughout Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, showcasing some of Howard Park's most iconic wines and sharing stories behind the history of each bottle.

Howard Park will be joined by the 11 other AFFW members for this exciting tour. Together, the 12 family owned wineries cover 16 Australian regions across four states and between us our families have more than 1200 years of winemaking experience.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet Jeff and Amy Burch, hear some fantastic stories behind the Howard Park label and taste some of our most prized wines.
For more information on event dates and times, and to RSVP, head to AFFW's Official Website and Facebook Page


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