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Top 6 Wine Influencers to Follow on Instagram


Wine is a social experience by nature. It can be enjoyed with friends; over a candlelit restaurant dinner with a loved one; or at a beautiful winery where you can engage in the full experience.

To enhance the experience and connect with a community of likeminded individuals, Social media has become a much loved network among food and wine enthusiasts.

Even better, Instagram allows you to immerse yourself into the culture of wine—with everyone from wineries, sommeliers and casual wine enthusiasts taking to the platform to share their experiences.

Over our many years in the industry, we’ve connected with our fair share of high-profile experts across the internet. Today, we’d like to share some of our favourites with you to help you fill out your Instagram feed with images that will help inspire your next tasting venture.


Halliday Wine Companion, @winecompanion


The piece de resistance on any self-proclaimed wine-lover’s ‘following’ list, the Halliday Wine Companion is our go-to source when it comes to discovering the best of the best. James Halliday is famed for his annual Top 100 awards list, which covers wines from throughout the country in one definitive guide. This means it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing – and his Instagram is no different. One scroll through his feed will indulge your interest in wine’s elites.


Photo credit: Wine Companion's Instagram 

Wine Wankers, @winewankers


One of the biggest names in the wine criticism business, Wine Wankers are the pinnacle of crisp photography, astute recommendations and a cheeky tone that will get you clicking for more. Contrary to their name, they’re anything but pretentious, helping you ease into the world of wine without feeling put off by complex jargon. Australian-based, these guys are sure to add a bit of sparkle to your daily Instagram scroll.

Photo credit: Wine Wankers' Instagram


Campbell Mattinson, @campbellmattinson


James Halliday once described Campbell Mattinson’s book as “one of the most remarkable wine books” he’d ever seen. These words coming from one of the most prolific wine critics in Australia means a lot, and it’s a clear signal that Campbell Mattinson is one to follow when it comes to Instagram.

Mattinson is based in Victoria and travels around the eastern state on the search of fine wine, good food and stunning scenery. His pictures do not disappoint and will introduce you to some stunning varietals.

Photo credit: Campbell Mattinson's Instagram

The Fabulous Ladies' Wine Society, @fabladieswine


They make up Australia’s largest wine society that’s especially for women: The Fabulous Ladies' Wine Society celebrates all wine loving women, putting some “fun and femininity” into the process of opening a bottle.

As well as running the annual Australian Women in Wine Awards, they deliver information about beautiful wines in an all-inclusive way that will make you want to jump right in there with them.

Photo credit: Fabulous Ladies' Wine Society's Instagram

Once Upon a Wine, @onceuponawine_



“Punny” name aside, Once Upon a Wine is your indispensable guide to enjoying wine, particularly if you’re partial to the perfect wine-and-food pairing. This Australian-based Instagram account will guide you through the ins and outs of creating a menu that’s to die for, and will give you pointers for how to enjoy your drink in the best way possible.


Photo credit: Once Upon a Wine's Instagram

Oz Wine Review, @ozwinereview


Short and sweet, the Oz Wine Review Instagram gives quick-fire reviews of the latest varietals available in Australia. If you’re in the mood to find something new to drink tonight – but don’t have enough time to trawl through endless review websites – this account is your answer.

Oz Wine Review is run by Andrew Graham, who discovered his passion for wine while working in a bottle shop in his university days. Fast forward fifteen years and Graham has his finger in a few different aspects in the industry, from writing about it to presenting and marketing it.


Photo credit: Australian Wine Review's Instagram

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