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Five Influential Wine Bloggers You Need to Follow



In a market as vast and prolific as wine, the blogosphere is the best way to keep up with the latest trends, industry news and fresh creations. While not many of us have the time or the money to source and try new options every week, there are no shortage of passionate wine bloggers offering their unbiased thoughts, opinions and recommendations on all the bottles you should be stocking your cellar with. So to assist with your wine knowledge, we have compiled a list of Australia’s influential wine bloggers. This group are dedicated to providing readers with reliable information about the bottles they source both locally and internationally, but most importantly, they are wine lovers just like you! With their help, all it will take is a few clicks to find the next bottle of wine worth trying.



Oz Wine Review


Created by writer and marketer Andrew Graham, Oz Wine Review doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the brands and bottles it features. Perfect for those people who are looking for options across all price points and varietals, Graham’s regular reviews and informative postings are sure to keep you up to date with anything worth knowing in the industry. Although his content tends to be heavily focused on Australian wines, every now and then he does sneak in a vino from somewhere else around the world. This makes for an exciting and interesting read for those of us who enjoy learning what we can about the wonderful world of wine.

The Real Review


The Real Review does exactly what their name suggests - they make sure that they provide real opinions and reviews for the thousands of people who come to them for high quality recommendations. Written by a team of acclaimed wine critics, including the esteemed Huon Hooke, this blog has everything from complex wine ratings to informative articles as well as more light-hearted posts that everyone can enjoy. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a wine newbie or a novice; there is sure to be something for you on this blog.


The Wine Front


Thus far, all of the blogs mentioned can be freely accessed online. The Wine Front, however, is a subscription-only service that specialises in up to date, unbiased reviewing of all the latest and greatest wines on the market. But before you tell yourself that you wouldn’t pay to read a blog, consider this; it’s one of Australia’s longest running and most frequently updated independent wine review sites. The professionals who spend their time writing it - Campbell Mattinson, Gary Walsh and Mike Bennie - are masters of their craft and have thousands of people throughout the country who rely on their word and grading system to influence their next purchase. For many wine lovers, a small fee is worth the reward of discovering truly incredible wines and avoiding the bad ones. You can’t get more trusted than that.



Travelling Corkscrew


The self-proclaimed ‘most unclassy wine-blogger’, Casey from Travelling Corkscrew found her passion for the industry as a cellar hand at just 15 years old before going on to work with some impressive names in New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. So as you can see, this woman knows her stuff! Now settled in the Swan Valley, Casey is in the perfect location to take advantage of some of Western Australia’s most illustrious wine regions. So while you may feel slightly envious reading each post, Casey’s uniquely charismatic personality and endearing passion for everything wine-related is sure to hook you in from the get go.


Wine Companion

How could we talk about the most influential wine bloggers without mentioning the great James Halliday? A legendary and respected writer and critic within the Australian wine industry, James Halliday  knows what he’s talking about when it comes to wine. The Wine Companion is perfect for those who are after highly informative posts regarding Australian and international wine options.  For over 40 years, people all around the country have been turning to Halliday’s comprehensive collection of reviews for wine recommendations, so you can be sure that each post is one that you can count on.

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