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Why Glassware is an Integral Part of Our Pinot Tasting Event


Planning the perfect wine tasting event is no easy feat, but it’s one that we take great pride in here at Burch Family Wines. Every detail must be flawlessly executed, and none more so than the selection of glassware used for the occasion. At our 2016 Howard Park International Pinot Noir Tasting Event, guests were treated to some of the world’s most exquisite creations – so it’s only expected that each one would be served in glassware to match.

As most wine enthusiasts will already know, our chosen glass is responsible for much of the way we perceive the depths, flavours and aromas of the drink. So of course, when you’re hosting an event for the country’s most dedicated Pinot lovers, only the best will do. And while there are a variety of brands offering exceptionally designed vessels, – Plumm, Zenology and Peugeot-Saveurs, just to name a few – we choose Riedel for its expertise and longstanding reputation as one of the world’s best glassware brands.

Renowned for being the first glassware brand to design each vessel in accordance to the specific character of a wine varietal, since 1756 Riedel has created some of the most trusted glassware items on the market. This reputation is so entrenched in the industry that the brand is instantly recognisable amongst even the most novice of wine enthusiasts.

For our Pinot tasting event, Riedel’s Ouverture Magnum helped to bring each of the 18 chosen wines to life through its uniquely versatile design. Expertly crafted from non-lead crystal and boasting a substantial sized bowl, this glass releases the aroma of the wine and delivers it to the palette in the way it was intended to be experienced. The consistency afforded by this non-varietal specific glass allows our guests to judge each wine in an equal fashion; a feature that cannot be overlooked when it comes to an event such as this.

During the tasting portion of our event - which took place in three different locations across our beautiful Howard Park winery - each guest worked their way through 18 Ouverture Magnums. In preparation for this, a total of 2000 glasses were carefully cleaned and polished before they were presented to the guests throughout the tasting. On top of this, another 600-700 glasses and 200 Spiegalau Champagne glasses were required for the sit down lunch on the terrace of our renowned Wine Chapel. Every item of glassware used – even the one’s not intended for judging – were carefully selected to ensure that our guests enjoyed a uniquely tailored experience depending on the wine and sparkling wine we served that day.

This process of choosing the best glassware for a tasting occasion highlights the intricacy of detail that surrounds the wine world. A craft that lends itself as much to science as it does to creativity and innovation, our ability to provide the foundations for an exceptional tasting experience is an unmistakably important feature of any industry event.

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