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Celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day with the World's Best Bottles


Sauvignon Blanc is a varietal that we are particularly passionate about at Howard Park Wines, so each year we welcome International Sauvignon Blanc Day with open arms. Held on the first Friday of May, this event invites the wine community from around the world to celebrate this fantastic varietal by exploring new bottles, learning more about its origins and sharing the festivities with the hashtag #SauvBlancDay. Whether you're a lover of Sauvignon Blanc or not, we encourage everyone who loves wine to get involved in this event and try something new, as you may just discover your new favourite wine. If you are unsure which bottle to open come Friday May 5, we explore a few of the different Sauvignon Blanc wine regions to help choose which wine might appeal to your palate..


Grown all over the globe, Sauvignon Blanc can vary between styles. Sauvignon Blancs from cooler climates will give you a high acid, floral and herbal style while warmer regions such as Bordeaux will offer softer, more fruit driven wines. Here in Margaret River, our vines enjoy the perfect terroir for truly terrific Sauvignon Blanc harvesting. Blessed with a beautiful maritime climate and sumptuous, gravelly loams, the region has become well known for the production of this famously complex varietal, creating wines that are beautifully balanced between fruit and acidity. Our 2015 Howard Park Sauvignon Blanc is no exception, offering an array of citrusy, grassy and tropical flavours, including passionfruit, green herbs and lime on a crisp and flavorsome palate. Having received many fantastic reviews from prominent wine writers such as James Halliday and James Suckling - who awarded it 94 points and 91 points respectively - we think this  is the perfect bottle to enjoy with friends, family and fellow wine lovers this International Sauvignon Blanc Day.


But if you’re interested in exploring Sauvignon Blancs from other particularly cooler regions within Australia, try looking for wines from Victoria, Orange, Tasmania and Adelaide which will give you fresh and vibrant flavours. Travel a little further to a different continent altogether and you will find that some of the most distinctive Sauvignon’s can be found in many corners of the globe. In France, where the varietal found its feet, the Loire Valley has become renowned for harvesting exceptional Sauvignon Blanc, where the cool climate delivers crisp, dry and bright flavours into each bottle. However, if you head over to the South of France, you will find that Bordeaux offers its own style, blending the varietal with Semillon to create a unique wine with complexity and flavour dimension that is hard to find elsewhere.


If you pick up a bottle from California, you should expect to taste something a little different. The warmer climate doesn’t lend itself to the traditional Sauvignon Blanc notes, so instead you are likely to find drier creations, or ones that have been barrel fermented in oak. Flavours of grass, licorice, toast and vanilla are common for heavily oaked options (which are often labelled as Fume Blanc rather than Sauvignon Blanc), while citrusy, tropical flavours such as lemon, passionfruit and gooseberry can be found in their unoaked creations.

Over in South America, Chile’s cooler climate regions such as Casablanca and San Antonio have become known for producing premium quality Sauvignon Blanc. Aromatic, fruit-forward creations are common here, with the taste of green apple, citrus, pear, grass and nectarine most common. Overall, Chilean vineyards are known for both attractive and affordable wines, as well as exceptionally high-quality, high-end options for people who truly want the best of the best.

With so many incredible options to choose from this #SauvBlancDay, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that you will enjoy. As a varietal that is unique, distinctive and well-loved, Sauvignon Blanc is truly a wine deserving of its very own celebration.

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