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Wrap up of media reviews and accolades - February 2015

Wine Reviews

February 2015


2010 Howard Park Grand Jete
“Smoky, alluring bouquet with substantial complexity. Layered flavours with a cleansing freshness and appetising finish.”
93 points - Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald

2013 Howard Park Allingham Chardonnay
“I didn’t put this wine in a tasting of other chardonnays mainly because the others I had were not in the same league. I also wanted to drink this wine, to taste it in a more thoughtful way than just a sip and a spit. I chilled it just more than I should have as I wanted to taste it at various stages. It was showing signs of great chardonnay even at the first over chilled sniff and taste. I drank it slowly, letting the bottle and the wine in the glass rise in temperature. It was pure pleasure even when it had opened fully and become slightly warm. It went back in the fridge and the rest was drunk with dinner. It is in every sense of the word a great, great wine and can only get better. 95 now and I would think a couple more to come. For those with the money to spend on fine wine this really is a bargain at $89.”
95 points – Tony Keys, Key Review of Wine

2012 Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon
“This release of Howard Park’s Abercrombie is a stunner.
It’s one out of the box. It pours on the flavour and the tannin and the charm, and it’s about as persistent as you could ever hope a wine to be. Blackcurrant, a light coat of milk chocolate, bay leaves and assorted olives and spices. The flavours aren’t really the thing, it’s the power, the length, the irrepressibility of it. You could cellar this for just about ever.”
97 pointsCampbell Mattinson, The Wine Front

2012 Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon
“Herb and spices on the nose, not close up but as if smelt from a distance, they waft in and out as if on the wind. Still youthful but pure elegance and beauty all across the journey, a lithe body in a long black evening dress. 95 now but I think a couple more when it matures. $110 is a lot of money and few can afford it, but if you can and are fortunate enough to have taste with the money, go buy a case or three.”
95 pointsTony Keys, Key Review of Wine

2014 Howard Park Miamup Chardonnay
“Howard Park’s Miamup Chardonnay has quickly established a solid reputation. This release continues the run. It’s citrusy, fine, refreshing and generally juicy, with peach and grapefruit fruit flavour doing the grunt work but plenty of acidity to keep it moving along at pace. Oak plays a role but an integrated one. It begs the words: in the groove”.
91 points - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front

2014 Howard Park Flint Rock Pinot Noir
“It’s not the most fashionable of things to say but: I have a growing regard for West Australian pinot noir. The whipping boy has grown some legs.
This is a wine of composure, flavour and serious intent. It’s not some kind of high-priced bistro red flying off the back of the Howard Park name; it has credibility, both varietally and of itself. It tastes of woody black cherry and plum with cloves and plenty of dry spice. It feels plush, fresh, flavoursome but not stewy or drying; it feels like it has something positive to say. It’s worthy buying, drinking, all that.”
92 points - Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front

2012 Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz
"All that Frankland River/Great Southern perfume on show here – Chinese five spice, sage, chocolate and black fruit. Medium bodied, fleshy feel flush with powdery tannin, spice and black fruits with some twiggy leafy flavours in the mix. Chocolate. Raspberry and spice on the finish. Will age, but my experience is that this style of Shiraz is best enjoyed in its flamboyant youth.”
92 points – Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

2013 Howard Park Flint Rock Chardonnay
“Stonefruit, cashew cream, lemon and spice. Medium weight, good flavour with lime and stonefruit the main players, then that cashew gloss and citrus acid tang through the middle. Finishes well. Much to like.”
91 points – Gary Walsh, The Wine Front


2010 MadFish Shiraz
“If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t really notice that MadFish, with its distinctive turtle label, had left the market because for the past few years, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the Aussie Shiraz section of the liquor store. Too much alcohol, too much jammy fruit, too much of a lot of stuff. But I’ve been getting back into all things OZ and my first point of landing has been Western Australia, which from its cooler perch about 2200 km west of Barossa, has lead the way for restraint in down under wine. And in this bottle that translates into a lower alcohol level (14%) and a slightly less deep ruby colour in the glass. On the nose, there’s a hit of spice more than a wallop of fruit and trend that continues in the mouth where there’s a pleasant feisty black pepper note that harkens more to Cornas than McLaren Vale. The bottle has some nice age on it, but the fruit and body remain lively—again not a word I often use for Aussie Shiraz—but am happy to say in praise of this bottle. If we’re lucky, this is a shape of things to come”.
Neal Mclennan, Western Living Magazine Canada





2015 Macquarie Group Sydney Royal Wine Show
Gold – 2014 Howard Park Porongurup Riesling
Silver – 2012 Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz

2015 China Wine & Spirits Awards
Double Gold Medal - 2011 Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon
Double Gold Medal - 2012 Howard Park Miamup Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold Medal - 2012 Howard Park Scotsdale Shiraz
Silver Medal - 2012 Howard Park Flint Rock Shiraz


2015 China Wine & Spirits Awards
Gold Medal - 2014 MadFish Riesling
Gold Medal - 2014 MadFish Moscato


2015 China Wine & Spirits Awards
Double Gold Medal - 2013 Marchand & Burch Chardonnay

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