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How to Enjoy Sparkling Wine at Christmas


At Christmas time, where the table is overflowing with delectable treats and presents are packed underneath the tree, there is nothing better than a glass of wine to complement the occasion. This festive season, why not consider celebrating with a glass of Australian sparkling or French Champagne to add something special to the occasion?


Try a traditional Champagne


The festive season has always conjured up thoughts of Champagne and sparkling wine for many people; as it’s a time of celebration. The popping of a cork from a bottle of French Champagne will certainly set your festive celebration in motion and be welcomed by your Christmas guests.


Here at Burch Family Wines, we import French Champagne directly from the cellars of Franck Bonville in Avize, Champagne France.  Franck Bonville Champagne is made from Grand Cru vineyards located in the heart of the best Chardonnay plantings in Champagne, La Côtes des Blancs or “The White Hillsides”.  


These elegant blanc de blanc Champagnes are made from 100% Chardonnay and the mature, well balanced flavours will easily be appreciated by your guests who are blessed to be indulging in a glass.


Champagne can be enjoyed on its own as the perfect aperitif or traditionally paired with fresh oysters, however you will be happy to know that it can be equally enjoyed when served with your favourite seafood Christmas lunch and sweet chocolate desserts.


Shake things up with a sparkling rosé


A lesser-known variety is sparkling rosé, which adds a touch of cheerful flavour that isn’t found in white vintages. Generally made from a blend of a red and white variety such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, in pouring a glass of sparkling rosé, you’ll be treated to some sumptuous berry flavours and a rich, creamy texture that are so reminiscent of Christmas.


This special fizz will add a little something extra to your end-of-year festivities. Try pairing with a berry-based dessert or a seafood meal with shellfish, prawns and lobster. The richness of Sparkling rosé also matches well with pinker meats including lamb, game and ham.  The perfect Christmas lunch partner.


Before you purchase


Whatever the occasion, a glass of bubbles will always add a touch of sparkle and with a range of bubbles available at various prices, you won’t need to wait for that special event to find an excuse to pop open a bottle. Whether you are toasting an anniversary, enjoying a family Christmas meal or simply catching up with friends this festive, there is a bottle of Sparkling wine or Champagne to suit.

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