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Why I love Pinot Noir – From A Drinkers Viewpoint

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Author: Jeff Burch    | Date: 3/2/2012 | Category: Winetasting

Leather, straw, horse shit (in a nice way), mushroom, black cherries, it’s all there in the glass.

The enjoyment is as good as your imagination, the girl with the riding crop, leather saddles, sweating horse, fast riding through the deep dark forest floor, the wild boar, startled running fast through the dank leaves to drop on its forelocks, routing for a truffle. It’s all there for you to enjoy.

As you roll the soft wine around your tongue, tasting the soft tannins, and then swallowing with the long lingering aftertaste. Yes you will all agree great Pinot Noir is a sensual wine.

A word of warning - While you will reach the greatest heights with magnificent Pinot Noir, you will need to work your way often through lots of dross of the average Pinot Noir bottles. While many try not a lot reach the Peak!

Happy Drinking.

Jeff Burch

Category: Wine Tasting