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Why Strong Branding is Key for Your Wine Business


In the wine industry, branding is everything. Your brand is the point of difference that can have consumers eagerly reaching for the last bottle on the shelf and having no foot traffic through your cellar door. It’s what will set you apart from the other brands, listed at the same price point. 

What goes into a brand?

The concept goes far beyond just the look of your wine label – although, this is a critical part of it. What also matters is the emotions that flood through consumers when they step through the cellar door; it’s the industry insights they gain from your website, and it’s the memories they create when they take the first sip of the perfect glass.

Your brand is all about your story: how much can you show off your history, purpose and values through every aspect of your marketing mix? Sit down and think about the message you’re trying to send – are you a traditional brand built on years of legacy, or are you an up-and-coming favourite that fearlessly innovates? Your answers to this will determine the story you share with your consumers. 



Your first point of contact

It’s likely that the first point of contact for the average consumer will be the wine bottle label, according to Wine Business Magazine. Ensure it makes a good impression – the customer should be able to tell at a glance exactly what your brand is about. If you’re bold and innovative, reflect this in your choice of block fonts, contrasting colours and a bit of drama on the label. If your winery is a little more refined, design a label with lots of white space, traditional typefaces and classic images.

If your wine label garners enough attention from the get-go, it’s important that all your other marketing is up to scratch to support this first impression. Getting them hooked at this stage means you’re more likely to remain front-of-mind, becoming the first choice when they next want to pick up a bottle.

Audience first

Marketing and media research company, CMO, says that tailoring your message to the consumer is everything. Too often, brands will write for the wine industry, peppering their writing with jargon that can only ever appeal to those in the inner circle. Instead, you should write for the people buying your wine – they might not have expert knowledge but they do have a passion for a beautiful drink. Your first point of contact with them will most likely be the label on the bottle. Here, invest in great designs that showcases your brand’s overall identity.



To know your consumers better, make sure you understand the segments of your market. The brilliant thing about digital channels is you get an overview of who is visiting your website, who’s liking and sharing posts on Facebook, and who your top commenters on Instagram are. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can get demographic data that you can use to inform your overall marketing strategy.

Just by taking a few simple steps and planning your branding strategy, you can put yourself on the front foot and craft a winning identity for your winery.


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