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Why Wine and Happiness Go Hand in Hand


Perhaps we’re a little biased, but here at MadFish Wines we believe that wine is the drink of choice for happy people. There are a variety of theories as to why this could be, but ours is simple; wine is overwhelmingly a part of some of our most enjoyable experiences. Here’s why we think that wine, when enjoyed in moderation, can be the perfect addition to an already joyous affair.
It’s the drink we celebrate with…
Birthday parties, formal events, weddings, Christmases and New Years - what do all these occasions have in common? Wine! Champagne and sparkling in particular are always invited to celebrate the good times with us. They’re the poster-wines for a good time, conjuring up images of guests enjoying the festivities with a glass of bubbly in hand. Historically these wines were loved by the aristocrats and royals of Europe, and because of this they have garnered a reputation for luxury and extravagance. In our eyes, this is a drink that is intrinsically tied to celebrating the good times – and where there’s good times, happiness inevitably follows.

It’s a drink we can relax with…
Sure, wine is perfect for parties, but it’s also great for cosy nights spent on the couch reading a good book or watching your favourite movie. In moderation, wine can help you to relax – which is why it’s not uncommon to find us indulging in a glass or two after a particularly long week. In an increasingly busy world, it’s important to take a moment to yourself now and again to de stress as this will help to make you a happier, calmer person in situations that take their toll. And if the occasional glass of wine fits into that equation, then we’re certainly not going to complain.
It can bring us back to the present moment…
Mindfulness is thought to be a fundamental aspect of happiness, grounding us in the present and making us calmer and more focused. So how does wine fit into this? Well, wine tasting has been thought to increase mindfulness through the process of seeing, smelling and tasting the drink in front of you. It can be said that the concentration needed to accurately assess the different elements of a particular wine is similar to many mindfulness techniques. Now, we’re not saying that a glass of your favourite wine is the equivalent of time spent meditating, but even novice wine tasters can attest to the concentration required to master this difficult but enjoyable task.

It’s the best partner to a good meal…
Who doesn’t love a good dinner party, where the conversation is pleasant, the food is plentiful and the drinks are perfectly suited to each dish? Wine is a great addition to a good meal, as there are so many different varietals and flavour profiles to choose from there is always something to suit the food you’re dishing up. Whether it’s brunch featuring our MadFish Vera Sparkling wine or a dinner date where our Pinot Noir is plucked from the wine fridge, some of our best memories can be made with a glass in hand as we share our favourite food with friends and families.

For ideas on what dishes are best suited to your favourite varietals, be sure to read our food and wine pairing blog.

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