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The Wine Industry and its Many Professions


At Burch Family Wines, every drop of wine we create is a product of the hard work and dedication of a diverse team of people. With more skills, passions and talents than you can count, we are all committed to the same end goal; to provide an exceptional wine drinking experience for those who seek it. Today, we take a look behind the curtain and learn a bit more about the various staff involved in this process...

Cellar Door staff

Visiting a Cellar Door is not just about tasting the wine and purchasing your favourite varietal; it also allows you to get a feel for the brand as a whole. Because of this, the staff who work here can be seen as the gateway between the wine drinker and the brand itself. After all, those who visit a winery’s Cellar Door are often more invested in what they are purchasing. For this reason, the staff working in this area must know the ins and outs of each creation, answering any questions that the wine tasters may have. And of course, this knowledge and representation of the brand extends further when you consider that they are responsible for providing an exceptional hospitality experience from beginning to end.


Bottling staff

When talking about the production of wine, many people instantly imagine the vineyard and the barreling process before anything else. But without the bottling staff, your favourite varietal would never make it to you in the first place. These are the people responsible for ensuring that each bottle is labelled correctly and packaged to an extremely high standard for delivery to restaurants, bottle stores and other retail locations. They may not be actively involved in making the wine itself, nor are they customer-facing like the Cellar Door staff, but they undoubtedly play a vital role in creating a final product for wine drinkers to enjoy. 

The cellar worker

While your favourite wine is still in its infancy, the cellar workers are helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly. As the job title suggests, they spend their time in the wine cellar performing a range of important tasks, including moving and racking barrels, cleaning equipment and assisting the winemakers by ensuring that everything is exactly as they need it. Working in a very hands-on environment, it’s not uncommon for cellar workers to find their passion in this role and become winemakers themselves. For many, this is where a love for the creation process is born, an indication of just how intrinsic it is to the wine industry.


Vintage vineyard workers

More commonly known as ‘fruit pickers’, these are the people who carefully hand pick the grapes that are then turned into your favourite bottle of wine. Cold early mornings, long days in the sun and late nights on the vineyard are not uncommon for people in this role, many of whom travel from all around the world to work in Australia’s most iconic regions. This dedication to picking the finest quality fruit is an integral component of the winemaking process as it ensures that the final product is as as good as it possibly can be.

Although this is just a few of the many important roles you’ll find within a winery, the diverse set of skills shown through them is indicative of how versatile and adaptive the Australian wine industry is at heart.

If you’re interested in learning more about jobs such as these, or if you are interested in joining the wine industry, the Margaret River Wine Association can help you get started in your endeavours. Head over to http://margaretriverwine.info/region/history/ for information.

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