2016 MadFish Moscato - sold out

  • 2016 MadFish Moscato - sold out

    2016 MadFish Moscato - sold out 16-MDF-MOXX-DOM12

    Wine overview

    • Variety
      Muscat Rose a Petit Grains
    • Region
      Margaret River


    Luscious, light, clean and bright Moscato to be enjoyed in a relaxed setting.


    Technical Notes

    MadFish Moscato is made from the most noble of Muscat, the Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains. Whilst the name implies a white colouration, the unexpected rosa or pinkness of the wine is the result of a fortunate variant within the variety. As such, the adoption of the name, Muscat Rose à Petit Grains better describes the wine colour.
    The grapes are harvested at 11º Baume and held cold in the press for 12 hours of contact between juice and skins. This period allows for the full extraction of colour, flavour and aroma into the juice.
    Fermentation is long, slow and cold in order to retain the fresh fruit and fizz that naturally evolves during fermentation. The fermentation is then stopped at 5.5% alcohol and the remaining sugar and fizz retained in the wine. Bottling is immediately post fermentation to ensure the fresh exotic fruit flavours and aromas so typical of Moscato are captured.

    Alcohol: 5.2% v/v

    Acidity: 7.5g.lt

    pH: 3.03

    Residual Sugar: 116 g/lt


    Tasting Notes

    An attractive pink grapefruit colour is extracted from the skin of the Muscat grapes upon pressing. The nose displays intense guava, quince, and raspberry aromas with a hint of musk, rose petal and fennel seed lingering in the background. Fresh, punchy lychee, guava, raspberry sorbet, and pomegranate flavours provide a luscious sweetness to the palate, perfectly complimented by a crunchy citrus acid crunch and a light fizz.
    Fragrant, refreshing and moreish with a low-alcohol, this wine is great alternative to a champagne brekky. Drink in spring and summer, anytime of the day.

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