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Across the country the buzzword amongst Champagne enthusiasts is ‘grower producers’. These are small Champagne producers who make their wines using only their own fruit. Until relatively recently, the only champagnes available in Australia have been from the large Champagne houses or Grandes Marques. Because of the volumes produced, most of the large Champagne houses buy much of their fruit from many small growers. Through years of excellent marketing, the large houses have convinced us that blending of vintages, grape varieties, vineyards and regions is the way to make the best champagnes. And they want us to believe this because that is how they make their non-vintage large production wines. However, their best wines are often made from single vineyard sites in a single region and, more often than not, a single vintage, even a single grape variety.
There are a great many small volume family producers in Champagne, and many have a reputation for producing wines of inconsistent quality. However, there are a few of these small grower producers with great vineyard sites and old vines, along with decades of experience, creating truly exceptional wines.

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