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Senior Winemaker Janice McDonald

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MadFish Gold Turtle


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Marchand & Burch Wines


Pascal Marchand and Jeff Burch on Terroir


Leston Vineyard, Margaret River - Western Australia

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Developments in Leston Cabernet Vineyards


Young Cabernet Vineyard

Howard Park old Leston Cabernet Vineyard


Interview on Howard Park Leston Vineyard


MadFish Vineyards

MadFish Sideways Semillion, Margaret River


MadFish Pinot Noir from Mount Barker

MadFish Moscato, Margaret River



Mt Barrow vineyard, Mount Barker

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Interview on Mount Barrow Vineyard


High Density Pinot Noir Block

Pinot Noir Clonal selection


Burgundian Pruning techniques

Chardonnay from Mount Barrow Vineyard



Gibraltar Rock Vineyard, Porongurups

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Interview on Gibraltar Rock Vineyard


Gibraltar Rock Vineyard Site


More vineyards in the Great Southern

Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet, Mt Barker


Chardonnay from Denmark

Sustainable viticulture

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Evolution of the Vineyards at Burch Family Wines


Vine clone nursery



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Biodynamic Flowform


Biodynamic preperation and cow horns

Biodynamic Preperation 500 (horn manure) and 501 (horn silica)


Biodynamic Vineyard Calendar

Practical considerations of Biodynamic Guide


Biodynamics: A personal connection

Pascal Marchand & Jeff Burch on Biodynamic Winemaking


Pascal Marchand on Biodynamic Winemaking


Marc Pad

Grape waste processing 1


Grape waste processing 2

Grape Waste processing 3


Grape Waste results


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Australia's First Families of Wine

Read about Australia's First Families of Wine

A short intro to Howard Park Wines (AFFW)


Howard Park Wines Full Length Feature(AFFW)

Australian winemaking families unite


Introducing Australia's First Families of Wine

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