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Gevrey-Chambertin Fonteny

Gevery Chambertin Fonteny Vineyard

Fonteny is a Premier Cru vineyard located immediately west of Gevrey-Chambertin village, opposite the Ruchottes-Chambertin Grand Cru site, on the mid-slope of the Côte d'Or.

Like its neighbours Craipillot and Champonnet, the site has a north-easterly aspect, as it sits on the lower slopes of the Montagne de la Combe Grisard at the mouth of the Combe de Lavaux valley.

The name is derived from ‘fountain’, though any spring has since dried up. The rock below is ‘calcaires a entroques’ in the form of veritable slabs which you have to break up before you can plant, with very little topsoil above the hard rock. Fonteny keeps the sun for most of the day as it is exposed on an east-west saddle.


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Technical Details

  • Appellation d’origine controlee: Gevery-Chambertin Premier Cru
  • Category: 1er Cru appellation
  • Region: Côte de Nuits
  • Soil: It has poor soil, in the middle of the alluvial fan, with white clay. Calcareous rock on the surface.
  • Colour and grape variety: Red, Pinot Noir