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Situated about 10 Km from Dijon, Gevrey-Chambertin is one of the first viticultural villages in the Côte de Nuits. Planted only with Pinot Noir, here we find the hierarchy of the Burgundian appellations: to the North, the premiers crus and to the South the grand crus.

The village appellations are gathered on the bottom of the slope. The sparse and pebbly limestone-rich, brown-red soils give the Gevrey-Chambertin power and body. A great Côte de Nuits classic!

The Gevrey-Chambertin wines typically have high colour, are intensely aromatic, evoking blackcurrant berries and other small red and black fruits, animal notes of musk and fur, and often – once the wine has matured – liquorice. They are powerful, blending tannins with abundant mellowness and a good level of acidity. All in all, solidly built.


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Technical Details

  • Appellation d’origine controlee: Gevrey-Chambertin A.C.
  • Category: Communal appellation, This appellation includes some premier cru climates
  • Region: Côte de Nuits
  • Producing commune: Gevrey-Chambertin
  • Soil: Chalk and limestone
  • Colour and grape variety: Reds only, Pinot Noir