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Nuits-Saint-Georges 'Les Damaudes'

Positioned half-way between Dijon and Beaune, the village of Nuits-Saint-Georges inspired the name of the Côte de Nuits.

This commune produces almost only red wines although there is a limited production of whites. 'Les Damaudes' is situated on the northern part of the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation, just to the south of the premier cru appellations of Vosne-Romanée. Planted on a parcel with an easterly exposure, the vines grow on poor, limestone soils. Elegance and finesse perfectly characterize this wine.

“The velvety smoothness of good Burgundy wines, caused by the higher spirits, ensures that their taste touches the tongue softly and is gentle on the nerves”, wrote Dr Guy-Crescent Fagon in 1694. He added: “A wine that the stomach can press and digest at leisure, without rushing to get rid of it”. This prescription was addressed to Louis XIV, weighed down by ill health. Nuits wine, recommended by his senior physician, soon cured the royal patient. Wine for convalescence, purely medicinal, had been invented!


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Technical Details

  • Appellation d’origine controlee: Nuits-Saint-Georges 'Les Damaudes' A.O.C.
  • Category: 1er Cru
  • Region: Côte de Nuits
  • Producing commune: Nuits-St-Georges
  • Soil: Pebbles and chalky limestone. Clayey silt at the top of the slope and pure silt at the bottom.
  • Colour and grape variety: Pinot Noir
Nuits-Saint-Georges "Les Damaudes"   Nuits-Saint-Georges "Les Damaudes"