Vineyards - Great Southern
Mount Barrow

Unique characteristics are its aspect, elevation and the technology adopted in its development and operation.

The Mount Barrow vineyard has a predominantly southerly aspect directly exposed to the influence of the Southern Ocean and is the highest vineyard site in the Great Southern (possibly WA). The highest vineyard blocks are at 380m compared to 250 to 300m typical for vineyards along the northern face of the nearby Porongurup Range. The vineyard has a limited water supply which is applied judiciously using sub-surface drip irrigation.

Vines are generally very low capacity on upper slopes and moderate capacity on lower slopes.

The vines are all VSP (Vertical Shoot Position) with intensive canopy management. We are also using close to full bio-dynamic viticulture since establishment. Note: the Mount Barrow Vineyard is not biodynamically certified.

The focus of this vineyard is on small parcels of very high quality fruit. Further developments are based on improved and increased genetic diversity.



Technical Details

  • Geographical Indication: Mount Barrow, Mount Barker
  • Region: The Great Southern, Western Australia
  • Soil: Soil types range from gravely sandy loams with granite outcrops at the highest points through deep laterite / ironstone gravels upper-mid slope to higher capacity sandy loams lower slope.