Our Oak Barrel Selection

Burch Family Wines sources high quality French Oak barrels from a number of cooperages located in France. The best wine barrels are made with the best oak, which allows to bring out the very best in our wines.

High quality French oak barrels


Tonnellerie Cavin cooperage

Tonnellerie Cavin et Fils

Tonnellerie Cavin et FilsTonnellerie Cavin et Fils, a cooperage located in Burgundy between Côte de Nuits and Chablis and are high quality French oak barrel producers.

They integrate artisanal cooperage traditions with cutting-edge science. Stavewood comes from outstanding sites in the French national forests and exceptional private domains. Tonnellerie Cavin works with Burgundy-based Laboratoire Vect’Oeur, industry experts focused on the prevention and elimination of contaminants that can afflict wineries, cooperages and shipping containers.

Tonnellerie Cavin oak comes from central forests of France, including Alliers, Bourgogne, Chantilly, Compiègne, Fontainebleau, Jupilles (brings more roundness, shorter time in barrel), Tronçais (brings more structure, longer time in barrel), and Vosges. Drying of the staves occurs in open air for a minimum of 24 months. Strict hygienic controls are in place at the stevewood suppliers and cooperage: the water is de-chlorinated, and Tonnellerie Cavin perform laboratory analyses for TCA, TeCa, PCA and microbial contaminants.

Ana selection

Ana SelectionAna selection comes from the two most prestigious forests in France; Tronçais and Jupilles. The Chêne Sessile has a very tight grain and is perfect for making quality French oak barrels.
Tronçais: traditionally used for wines with good structure and for long maturing process. The forest is located 17,000 hectares in the centre of France, Allier. Tronçais wood strengthens the structure of the wine and infuses it with the aromas of vanilla and spices. The oak needs a long ageing in barrels, it needs time to get a good integration, but at final, it is very elegant and it gives a good length to the wines.
Jupilles is a small forest near Le Mans in La Sarthe 3,500 hectares, which is south west of Paris. (forest of Berce): this oak provides a lot of subtlety and respect for finer wines. Jupilles is for wines that are looking for the finesse, freshness and volume and length of flavour in the mouth. A wood for both short and long term maturing.

Tronçais/Jupilles blend: this 50/50 mix of woods brings a balance of aromas and subtlety in the same barrel. This blend is good for short and long maturing.

The oak is air seasoned for two years to reach its optimum maturity, at the feet of Pyrenees. The staves are then transformed by cooper artisan friends into barrels, which are precisely toasted to draw the best out of each wood and to compliment the type of wines they will hold.
All made with fine grain French oak, staves cut to 22 mm, to get this thickness; the trees have to be perfect without any defaults to make 225 L 22mm and also 228 x 22 mm (burgundy style).