MadFish Wines

Our MadFish Wines are designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. These contemporary, cool climate styles are noted for their pure, fresh and clean characteristics in which the flavour of the fruit is the primary character.

The ancient landscape and raw, wild coastline has been the inspiration for our wines since their inception in 1992. We chase the best possible locations for our vineyards in Western Australia's premier grape growing regions – Margaret River and the Great Southern. Both areas are known for their prehistoric soils, battered ocean cliffs, foaming surf and calm turquoise beaches.

Maxine Fumagali, a local Noongar artist from Denmark depicted the traditional water turtle surrounded by swirling fish in an original painting, which became the beginning of the MadFish label! The long-necked water turtle is native to the south west region of Western Australia and a wonderful symbol for our MadFish labels of perseverance and tolerance-characteristics similar of the brand MadFish pushing for survival in such a competitive wine market. Today MadFish is over 25 years old and has persevered and continues to grow with a full range of varietals.