David W Burch

Brand Ambassador

David W. Burch is the son of Jeff and Amy Burch, known for his passion when it comes to the family wine company, Howard Park Wines.

As a child, David accompanied his father on business trips to Asia while also working in a family packaging company at a young age. He, along with his siblings and grandparents, even planted some of the early Shiraz vines on the Leston Vineyard. That year he did his first vintage at the Denmark winery in the Great Southern, processing fruit that went into Howard Park’s Riesling and MadFish wines.

David has had varied experiences in the family business throughout the years, from working in despatch, being a part of several vintages, cellar sales and regional sales, and designing labels. He also plays a large role in the online side of the business, his responsibilities including ecommerce functions and building an online presence via the wider web.

David is the co-owner of Broomstick Estate Wines in the Southern Margaret River region, a label that he manages with his siblings. In his spare time, he writes, paints and spends time continuing ongoing studies in the medical field.