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Our sparkling wine collection is unique in that it spans two countries and a breadth of styles, yet never compromises our dedication to wines of finesse, refinement, elegance and poise. Our Jeté range provides an exciting exploration of West Australia as a premier sparkling wine region, while Franck Bonville Champagne offers the opportunity to discover exceptional wines from the birthplace of sparkling. The Marchand & Burch Crémant de Bourgogne adds intrigue to our selection as a vibrant and rich sparkling wine of Burgundy, while our MadFish Prosecco presents a stylish and refreshing fizz that does not require a special occasion to enjoy. Together these wines illustrate the delicious and enchanting nature of sparkling wine from Old World to New.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshingly uncomplicated Prosecco, a rich and complex Champagne or a gold-medal winning West Australian sparkling, you are sure to find something you love when you shop our complete range of sparkling wines online.


Riesling is an aromatic white grape variety originating from the Rhine region in Germany. The best examples typically come from cool climates with extended ripening seasons and cool nights to allow for acid retention. Regarded as one of the best grapes for conveying terroir, winemaking tends to be minimal to ensure purity of fruit and expression of place. This grape variety is noted for its naturally high acidity which lends itself to exceptional aging potential. When young, Riesling displays notes of citrus and orchard fruits yet as it ages, it reveals developed notes of smoke, honey and even petrol.

Dry Riesling wines from the Great Southern region of Western Australia are part of the very foundation of Howard Park. The first wines released by the company from the 1986 vintage were Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, and there has been an unbroken run of 37 consecutive vintages of Riesling produced since then. Today, Howard Park Riesling is one of the most collected Rieslings in Australia.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a green-skinned grape variety which originates from the Bordeaux region of France. Sauvignon Blanc is planted in many of the world’s wine regions. It produces a crisp, dry, and refreshing white varietal wine. In cooler regions, the variety is defined by its pungent, grassy, vegetal characteristics. In warmer regions, the nose is more tropical with notes of gooseberry, passion fruit, grapefruit and wild herbs. Sometimes a little oak is used to add complexity.

In the cool, southern reaches of Western Australia, Sauvignon Blanc has the time to develop great varietal purity, intense flavour and structural exactness. From this gift of nature, the winemaker can with confidence enhance, embellish, even temper the powerful, exotic and sometimes challenging expression to create a wine that is textured, layered and enriched to complement Sauvignon Blanc’s exuberant personality.


Chardonnay is a popular grape that grows well throughout the world’s wine producing regions, exhibiting the particular nuances of these varied climates and soils. From fruit-driven and unoaked, through to complex and sophisticated wines, Chardonnay is a diverse grape that can produce a wide range of wine styles. The primary characteristics can include nectarine, peach, apple, lemon, lime, grapefruit and melon. Secondary aged characteristics are toast, honey, fig and nuts. Oak and malolactic fermentation, whole or partial, are also used in some of the wines for added complexity.

Here at Burch Family Wines, Chardonnays reflect our serious commitment to quality and vineyard integrity. Sourced from the Margaret River and Great Southern regions of Western Australia, our Chardonnays are a delicious expression of south west climate and terroir, offering broad appeal and versatility.


The love for Rosé is growing at an exponential rate. Why? Because the current style is fresh, delicate and naturally tied to good times and frivolity. These vibrant wines are usually known for fruity and floral aromas and a pleasant dry finish, making it a wine suitable for many occasions and seasons. Sourced from the Margaret River and Great Southern regions of Western Australia, our range of Rosé wines offer gentle sweetness with layered complexities to explore.

The Margaret River and Great Southern regions contain a treasure trove of climatic diversity making them well suited for the creation of fine Rosé wines. Made from a variety of grapes such as Grenache, Pinot Noir, and Syrah, our Rosés encompass a range of sophisticated styles. Explore our complete range of Margaret River & Great Southern Rosé wines below.

Pinot Noir

The translation of Pinot Noir from French to English is pine and black. Pine refers to the pinecone shape of the grape bunches and black, to its colour. Whilst not really black, the descriptor gives some relativity to its cousins, Pinot Gris (grey/pink) and Pinot Blanc (white/yellow).

Our Howard Park, MadFish and Marchand & Burch Australian Collection Pinot Noirs display the fine mineral structure and savoury elegance of wines grown in the wildly remote and beautiful Great Southern region of Western Australia. Sourced from cool subregions of Mount Barker and Porongurup, these wines express regional typicity and character. The Marchand & Burch French Collection Pinots provide the unique opportunity for consumers to explore the red wines of Burgundy, a cornerstone of fine wine. Our wide range of exceptional Pinot Noirs conveys the importance of place in the production of this noble grape, whether that place is Western Australia or France.


Shiraz is a terrific, all-purpose grape that grows well just about everywhere. Cooler climates give way to more peppery notes while warmer climates yield richer and more generous flavours. The primary fruit characteristics are spice, cinnamon, raspberry, dark cherry, mulberry, blackberry, black pepper, plum and chocolate. Secondary characteristics are mocha, coffee, prune, meaty, savoury and leather.

The expression of Shiraz from the temperate Margaret River region combines the ripeness and opulence of warmer climates with the spice and elegance typical of cooler ones. Great Southern subregions of Frankland River and Mount Barker express a cooler, more continental climate characterised by an intensity and concentration of dark fruits with traces of spice, earth and guiding tannins. Our Distinguished Sites series, Leston Shiraz from Margaret River and Scotsdale Shiraz from the Great Southern, are great examples of the regional differences from these two grape growing areas in Western Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a powerful variety that makes the world’s greatest red wines, and Margaret River is arguably Australia’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon grape growing region. Its maritime influences temper the extremes of the season while warm, dry days during the growing season allow Cabernet Sauvignon to thrive. Further south, the Great Southern region provides incredible grape growing versatility with certain sites showing great promise for Cabernet, such as our Abercrombie vineyard which was planted with the Houghton clones in 1976.

Great Cabernet should be both perfumed and poised, and meticulous site selection is critical to capturing these key attributes. This grape varietal is best grown in moderately cool areas and is generally blended with other Bordeaux varieties (Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Franc). Our flagship ‘Abercrombie’ Cabernet Sauvignon is renowned as one of the best and most collected Cabernets in Australia and is rated ‘Excellent’ in Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine.


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